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group exhibition

exhibition opening:
thursday may 27th, 2021,

exhibition closing:
2 october, 2021

opening hours:
monday to friday, 4–8pm
or by appointment


STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI is proud to present Babies Are Knocking, a group exhibition curated by Veronica He, Pia Lauro and Chiara Vigliotti. Over 40 Italian and international artists have been invited to reflect on the urgent desire to live that characterises a pre-school child’s experience, and how this feeling manifests itself in play as a form of experimentation.

The aim of the project is to engage the visitor in an exhibition that connects the actions of pre-school children to the artists’ way of working – including by physically shifting the point of view from that of an adult to that of a child. By favouring an experiential approach that – inspired by children – is based on free play and a person’s capacity to modulate their attitudes, the project seeks to question our cultural and emotional sensibilities, with the ultimate aim of finding new solutions and ways of interpreting reality.

While the adults ask themselves what kind of energy will be required to recover from the public health emergency, a whole generation of children born no more than a few years ago continue to nurture their urgent desire to live. They do so out of a fearless sense of conquering the world, while drawing on a reality that is made up of small, concrete things. Therein how the babies are knocking on the door to the future, and following their natural path towards it.

In the course of their early childhood, children are constantly on the hunt for new things to try. Free of the superstructures in which the adult lives, and lacking their conception of space and time, the child shifts the principle around which their whole existence revolves onto play – and it is thanks to the experience of play that an infinite number of possible solutions emerge.

So as to ensure a unified approach, while still allowing for diversity of thought, the artists were asked to make their work no bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, as one of formats with which a child engages from an early age.

The need to build on the ideas and reflections generated by the exhibition beyond the gallery space has led to a cultural partnership with the Daniele Manin School in Rome (F. Di Donato school complex). By working with the school’s early-year pupils, the project will also support the institution’s arts programme.

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