DORIS MANINGER | per un’antologia provvisoria di desideri elevati

Studio Stefania Miscetti | Exhibition | Doris Maninger: Antologia

solo exhibition
curated by Veronica He | Pia Lauro

exhibition opening:
thursday october 21st, 2021

exhibition closing:
january 29th, 2022

opening hours:
tuesday to saturday, 4–8pm
or by appointment


STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI is delighted to present per un’antologia provvisoria di desideri elevati (for a provisional anthology of elevated desires), a solo exhibition by Doris Maninger curated by Veronica He and Pia Lauro.

The show features 38 hot-air balloons made from recycled materials, found objects and natural elements, with each balloon dedicated to a wish.
The project came about in the spring of 2020, as a response to the isolation imposed by the pandemic, when the artist asked friends, family and colleagues to make a wish that could be given a shape, while allowing each individual free reign over their thoughts and aspirations

This freedom has created a chorus of perspectives made up of very different wishes, but which are bound together by the same strength and determination. The anthology Doris Maninger has put together is, as its title suggests, provisional, one potentially still in the making – a collection of wishes ironically termed “elevated”, in an allusion both to their noble character and their suspension in mid-air.

Alongside the Balloons, the exhibition also features a selection of drawings. Here the artist has gone back to work on the wishes, creating a series
of two-dimensional works that push her artistic intuition to its most profound synthesis and abstraction.

The exhibition is rounded off with voice recordings that transform every wish into a sound piece. This part of the project was developed with Maurizio Alampi, who paired every wish with a short poetic text. Decidedly partial, these compositions provide only one of many possible readings.

For a provisional anthology of elevated desires is therefore a collection of the shapes our wishes can take, one in which the coexistence of artistic languages, together with a compositional method based on the circular and choric nature of thought, give life to what we might call an anthology of closeness – a story of the substance of human relationships.

The exhibition opening will also see the launch of the book entitled For a provisional anthology of elevated desires by Doris Maninger, Maurizio Alampi and Mirza Kahriman, published by CURA.BOOKS and Motto, and distributed from November 25th.

Read and download the exhibition’s press release.


DORIS MANINGER (Graz, Austria 1958)
She trained as a painter and restorer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she has moved at young age to Italy to complete her studies in various fields of arts and crafts. Her work is constantly shifting between diverse fields such as painting, sculpture, textile design and jewelry, combining traditional techniques with new formal approaches and theoretical research. In 1998, she moved to Florence and co-founded the contemporary jewellery school Alchimia with Lucia Massei. She exhibited, lectured, gave workshops and curated internationally in places such as, among the others, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Cairo and in various private and public institutions around Europe and America. In 2017 she left the school she co-founded and is working as consultant, free-lance educator and artist. Since 2016 she is technical consultant at the Design studio Azza Fahmy, in Cairo, Egypt.

Education: Scholarship, Saddleback College, Orange County, CA, USA, for studies in ceramics and painting (1977-78); studies in painting at the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Wien, Austria (1979-82); studies in restoration of paintings and wooden supports, Department of Cultural Heritage, Cosenza, Italy (1984-85); studies in jewellery and jewellery design, Le Arti Orafe, Florence, Italy (1989-91).
Solo exhibitions: sono qui [un esercito di donnacce nude], STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI, Rome (2014); Is it obsession?, EKWC Herzogenbosch, Holland (2013); V&V Vitrine, V&V Gallery, Wien (2012); The Beginning or the End, Galleria Atta, Bangkok (2012); Alchemic Experiences, Ramat Gan, Israel (2009); Ugly ObjectsNieuwe Bibliotek, Amsterdam (2009); Wundersame Schmuckwelt, Galerie Slavik, Wien (2004); Orditi, trame ed altre storie, textile installation Galleria Annia, Rome (1995); Orditi o trame?, installazione tessile Galleria Gradiva, Cosenza (1994); Cosa ci vedi?, objects, paintings, textile installation Galleria Camusfearna, Milan (1990); Doris Maninger, paintings and graphics, Sparkasse Hauptanstalt, Graz (1985) and Galerie Habermann, Graz (1984).
Group exhibitions: gioiello, figliolino preferito della gioia, STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI, Rome (2019); Doppio senso, artist books, Florence, Pontremoli, Paris (2018); Whose Land Have I Lit On Now. contemplations on the notion of hostipitality, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2018); The Milky Way, Studio Sales, Rome (2015); Le petit est beau, Muzeum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej Manggha, Krakow (2014); Jewellery Triennial, Mons, Belgium (2014); Schmuck 2013, Munich, Germany (2013); Schmuck Symposium, Turnov, Czech Republic (2012); Sexy, Legnica, Poland e City of Dansk Prize (2011); Eligius Prize, Traklhaus, Salzburg and MAK, Wien (2010); Rememberrings, Galerie Beeld en Aambeeld, Enschede, Netherlands (2008); Rings for Planet Earth, Tokyo and Galleria Alternatives, Rome (2008); Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Corea del Sud (2007); Italian Contemporary Jewellers, Galerie Beeld en Aambeeld, Enschede, Netherlands (2007); Alchimists, Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens (2006); Sonderschau Schmuck 2005, HWK Munich, Germany and L’oro dei Borgia, Spoleto (2005).

For a more complete artist profile, see the artist page.



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