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solo exhibition

exhibition opening:
tuesday march 16th, 2010

exhibition closing:
april 10th, 2010

opening hours:
tuesday to saturday, 4–8pm
or by appointment


STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI is pleased to present a new series of works from the last photographic project by Marco Delogu, Soli Neri, in concomitance to the exhibition at the Randall Scott Gallery in New York.

At a distance of just over a year since the artist’s last solo show Nature at Studio Miscetti and the anthology simultaneously hosted at the Academy of France in Rome Villa Medici, Marco Delogu presents a new series of photographs, that draw on, developing them in new and unexpected directions, the subjects of portraits of horses and white nature, which reflected on the immediate relationship with the space, through landscapes emptied of geographical significance. These new works are characterized by the presence of the sun, a black sun, delineated only by small traces of colour. In these works, presented in formats 50 x 50 cm and 100 x 100 cm, Delogu continues his essential research primarily focused on the relationships of measure and light, leaving open to individual reflection the interpretations and questions posed by an indefinite space of time.

This sun has an ancient origin, it represents the freedom to make mistakes. It is an apocalyptic sun, the sun of melancholy in the poems of Gerard de Nerval and Marina Tsvetaeva. IT is the sun of many things: happiness, the acceptance of emotion, and of being blinded by the light: everything that photography often professes is challenged in these images,: looking towards the sun and the light. (…) I like the reflection of the light in the camera it creates a strange torch that opposes the black sun, but it is not the distinctive feature of my work. Everything moves in a tenuous balance between form, material, dimensions, meaning (is it a work on a location or is it all-embracing, universal? And at the end I’m always more attracted by the passing of the seasons).

In occasion of the exhibition an artist book will be presented with text by Francesco Zanot.

Read and download the exhibition’s press release.


Photographer, filmmaker, publisher and editor, MARCO DELOGU is the founder of the publishing house punctum, the fotografia – international festival of rome, and the photo solstice on the Asinara island in Sardinia. His reseach focuses on portraits of group of people with common experiences and languages (cardinals retired, jockeys of the Palio di Siena, inmates, classical music contemporary composers, farmers, sardinian shepards, writers); in recent years his projects have been more focused on the nature.

For a more complete artist profile, see the artist page.


here below some images from MARCO DELOGU’s soli neri.

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