FRANCESCO DIAZ | rolling rings 

Francesco Diaz, Rolling Rings, 1995

solo exhibition

venue: argentovivo gallery, milan

exhibition opening:
april 8th, 1995

exhibition closing:
april 22th, 1995


Francesco Diaz lives and works in Rome. After specializing in jewelry design at Fashion and Costume Academy in Rome, he created the Sunset ring in 1989, the true beginning of his artistic research applied to jewelry. 

His path essentially privileges a long and interior reflection on existence, fascinated by all the natural and cosmic phenomena present in the Universe. The result of this effort condenses in the ring. Behind each ring, in fact, there is a movement that is spatial and temporal at the same time: the regulated rotate, widen, stretch, adapting each time to the surrounding.

The essential form, the creation’s starting point, is the oval, the ideal and supreme representation of life. The structure is the result of a rigorous and detailed technical drawing. The materials used are gold (in its various colors) and silver, and, experimentally, bronze and rubber; the stones are rarely used and only as a color.

However, in some creations shines through the artist’s desire to “distance himself” from themes that are otherwise considered high, through a subtle game of malice and irony that harmoniously closes the circle.

In occasion of the exhibition, a catalog will be created with a text by Luigi Ficacci.


for a more complete artist profile, see the artist page.