LUCA GUATELLI | almost white

Studio Stefania Miscetti | Contemporary Art Rome | Project: VideORLAN – Technobody at MACRO Nizza

solo exhibition

STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI, casa delle letterature

exhibition opening:
september 8th, 2006

exhibition closing:
september 9th, 2006


Casa delle Letterature, in collaboration with STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI, presents a program that offers to the vast audience of the Notte Bianca the synergy of an artist, a musician and poetic voices among the most interesting of the Roman scene.

These artists and authors link different codes and languages in their research and journey: in this specificity we may trace the possibility of the new creative gesture.


Installation by LUCA GUATELLI
with Federico Bruno‘s music and voice
and with the poetic readings of Marco Giovenale, Marco Mantello, Giulio Marzaioli, Alexandra Petrova, Sara Ventroni, Michele Zaffarano (Friday September 8th)

and by Maria Grazia Calandrone, Sara Davidovics with Lorenzo Durante, Matteo Lefèvre, Adriano Padua, Jacopo Ricciardi, Lidia Riviello, Vanni Schiavoni (Saturday September 9th)

curated by Maria Ida Gaeta



here below some images from LUCA GUATELLI’s almost white.

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