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solo exhibition

exhibition opening:
thursday november 14th, 2002

exhibition closing:
january 18th, 2003

opening hours:
tuesday to saturday, 4-8pm


STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI opens the new exhibition season with Metatròn, a project by Pietro Fortuna conceived specifically for the gallery and tailor-made for its space.

Made of compressed honeycomb cardboard, Metatròn is an enormous shape built against one of the gallery’s walls. As it juts out from the wall it reveals different profiles, aiming to redesign the space in which it is located, even as it is devoid of any kind of functionality, be it in terms of volume or shape. Indeed, Metatròn rather seeks to assert its own existence, necessary and specific, in accordance with a purely non-representational, abstract logic. Despite its imposing volumetric structure and architectural feel, Pietro Fortuna‘s installation refers more to an idea of design, one set free in space: a sort of “two-dimensional” design that might be considered one of the central aspects of the artist’s entire practice and output.

The title takes its inspiration from Jewish tradition, indicating the figure of the angel closest to God, the conduit for His thoughts and ideas on the world.

Metatròn is a piece that relates to “a conscious ethical instance driving the work beyond the conformity of genres”. For Pietro Fortuna, “artworks are not entrusted to the world’s appraisal through the acquisition of formal models, they seek to affirm the primacy of art in bearing witness to the irreparable nature of the real.”

The Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of Comieco in making this exhibition possible.

Read and download the exhibition’s press release [ITA].


PIETRO FORTUNA was born in Padova in 1950. He lives and works between Rome and Brussels. Fortuna studied architecture and philosophy, and he collaborated on important scenic creations for the San Carlo in Naples, La Scala in Milan, and the Fenice in Venice. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including XVI Biennale of São Paulo, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Ville Arson in Nice, Kunstler House in Graz, Frankfurter Kunstverein, XII Biennal of Paris, Watertown Center for Contemporary Art of Vlissingen, XII International Sculpture Biennial of Carrara, Tramway of Glasgow, Fondazione Morra of Naples, Macro of Rome, Marca of Catanzaro, Quadrennial of Rome and National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome.

Since the 1990s he has created new cycles of works with installations and large-format works with which he is present at the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires, at the Gallery of Modern Art of San Marino, at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotà, at the Municipal Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, at Le Carré Musée Bonnat in Bayonne and at the Pecci Museum in Prato.

For a more complete artist profile, see the artist page.


here below some images from PIETRO FORTUNA’s metatròn.

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