Studio Stefania Miscetti | Contemporary Art Rome | Project: VideORLAN – Technobody at MACRO Nizza

video exhibition


exhibition opening:
friday June 24th, 2011 – 7pm

exhibition closing:
october 30th, 2011


SHE DEVIL was devised in 2006 by Stefania Miscetti for Italian and international female artists and curators, from the youngest to the most successful. Different works and critical perspectives coexist in a multivocal discourse which reveals the many facets of the female world and vision. This broad spectrum of activities and aims can be seen in the exhibitions that have been organised over the past years, which have included 40 video works and involved 24 curators, as well as a special international edition held in Bucharest in 2009.

As part of its summer 2011 exhibition cycle, MACRO is hosting a new edition of the project, now in its fifth year, an event that is perfectly in line with the galaxy of cultural and artistic proposals that have defined the identity of the Museum over the past few years.

On the opening night the videos in this new edition will be presented in the conference room of the Museum’s new wing, the nerve centre of the New MACRO exhibition area. The wing, too, was designed by a woman, the architect Odile Decq, thus it is the perfect setting for the presentation of the video works. On the opening evening of June 24, there will be a special screening in the V-Tunnel, the video area in the museum foyer, of a selection of videos from past editions, featuring works of international artists, like Mary Zygouri and Mathilde Ter Hejin, together with some major figures from the Italian scene, like Marinella Senatore and Luana Perilli.

For the rest of the summer, the V-Tunnel will be hosting the videos of the new edition, as part of MACRO’s broad and varied exhibition programme set within the enveloping spatiality of the museum.

Download the press release issued to announce the project.


the video works in the new edition feature:

KATHARINA D. MARTIN (Germany, 1971), Stick (2008), presented by Chiara Vigliotti
KATARZYNA KOZYRA (Poland, 1963), Cheerleader (2006), presented by Lydia Pribisova
JEN DENIKE (USA, 1971), Flag Girls (2007), presented by Benedetta Carpi de Resmini
PILVI TAKALA (Finland, 1981), Real Snow White (2009), presented by Dobrila Denegri
VALERIE LEBLANC (Canada), Walking on Water (2009), presented by Elena Giulia Rossi
KATE STREET (Great Britain, 1979), Flowering (2010), presented by Susanna Bianchini
BERNI SEARLE (South Africa, 1964), Seeking Refuge (2008), presented by Antonia Alampi
BAHAR BEHBAHANI (Iran, 1973), Suspended (2007), presented by Maria Garzia
JANAINA TSCHÄPE (Germany, 1973), Untitled/Scream (2004), presented by Laura Giorgini
LAUREL NAKADATE (USA, 1975), Oops! (2000), presented by Cristiana Perrella
JANET BIGGS (USA, 1959), Brightness All Around (2011), presented by Manuela Pacella
NINA LASSILA (Helsinki, 1974), Woman with Knife? (2009), presented by Maria Cristina Giusti
JULIKA RUDELIUS (Germany, 1968), Dressage (2009), presented by Caterina Iaquinta


here below some images from SHE DEVIL 5.

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exhibition catalogue.


catalogue of the project
CURA., rome 2019

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